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Aim and Method


*** Parent/Occasional Helper? The Roles ....
Start with CRB (the Rules) and application form .... and then complete 'Getting Started' modules M1, M3 and 'Safeguarding' module. That's it! A first aid qualification, Mod 10 is desireable if working with sections. More about the modules 1-3 in the Leaders' Training Guide


*** Fully warranted Leader? The Roles ....
Only one night a week!!? - start with CRB and application form .... and then get started with complete 'Wood Badge' package.

Wood Badge training comprises a variety of Modules to be completed and validated within 3 years. Modules can be completed by attending courses, small group or one to one learning, e-learning or DVD.
Your training adviser will validate each module by witnessing your skills gained - e.g. performing flag break, running a badge training activity.
Successful completion can gain you Open College Network Credits!
      .... the Matrix
      .... the Scheme
      .... the GME Course and 'Wood Badge Cafe' Dates and Change Log
      .... more Courses by Eventbrite
      .... and click on AGENDA tab on County's diary for even more courses!
      .... the Personal File
      .... and the Assessment Guide
      .... and an idea of the Training Plan. i.e. Module 2 - to be done after you've done Mod1 AND (Mod3 OR Mod4)

Typically there are 5 stages to the basic Wood Badge training...
  • Getting Started (Module 1 and 3 or 4 - validated within 5 months
  • Personalised Training Plan (M2) - validated within 5 months
  • Getting Going (M7, M11, M12, M14, M15) - validated within 1 year
  • Getting Out (M16,M17, M18, M19) - validated within 3 years
  • Getting On (M5, M6, M8, M9, M13, M36) - Validated within 3 years

    ...BUT - your adviser may recommend additional courses for your role e.g. Mod38 for residential experiences

    ...ALSO - you may want to complete activity training e.g. Climbing Wall workshop, Safe Kayaking, Mod36 Special Needs

    ...AND - All leaders need a First Response First Aid Certificate (Module 10) every 3 years and need to have completed the new SFF Safeguarding course (every 5 years) before warrants can be issued or renewed.

    ...NOW - Click and apply!